Vision & Mission

Concord School District Vision

Our vision is to foster citizenship and self-directed learners to navigate their education and career paths.

Our Mission Statement

The Concord School District educates students for lifelong successes.


The Concord school community expects to act on the following priorities:

  • Priority #1 - Equity and Diversity

The mission of the Equity Advisory is to improve inclusiveness, uplift the voices of historically marginalized people in the Concord school community and create an environment that encourages personal exploration and growth. The vision is to catalyze systemic and cultural changes in the Concord schools and community. We will build a culture centered on restorative and inclusive practices, trust, and accountability, and provide oversight and guidance for the implementation of district wide initiatives. 

  • Priority #2 - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

The Mission of the CSD curriculum is that we remain current with research-based teaching practices that ensure a quality competency-based education; consistent, rigorous, coherent, clear expectations, individualized, student driven, engaging, and challenging.

  • Priority #3 - Social and Emotional Learning

Develop clearly defined District-wide multi-tiered systems of supports that utilize consistent frameworks, data collection and analysis, and social emotional curriculum, in order to advance the development of a continuum of support for student’s growth in social, emotional, and behavioral health throughout their educational career. 

  • Priority #4 - Communication

Families, students, staff, and our community need timely communication through a variety of channels. The District will organize resources, tools, and training needed to actively communicate with stakeholders: students, family, staff, and community. Strong communication will improve student/parent engagement, student agency, student attendance, and these factors all influence student achievement.

  • Priority #5 - Facilities

Ensure that the Concord School District has state of the art, sustainable infrastructure and facilities designed to support and enhance the learning experience and safety of all students and to enable staff and faculty to function at optimal levels. 

  • Priority #6 - Safety

Ensure that the Concord School District has enhanced training, building security systems and state of the art infrastructure to support and enhance safety of all students and staff in our schools.