Section 100 - Board Governance and Operation

This section is for statements about the school board - how it is elected and organized; how it conducts its meetings and operates; as well as its philosophy and educational objectives. This section also contains statements about the school district Charter and the duties of the various officers.

Section 200 - General School Administration

This section is for statements about school district management, the administrative structure, and department administration as well as duties and responsibilities of the Superintendent.

Section 300 - Fiscal Management

This section is for statements concerning district fiscal affairs, management of district funds and expenditures as well as statements on tuition charges and payments.

Section 400 - Personnel

This section contains statements about employment procedures and statements that pertain to employees, including professional personnel as well as support and non-certified personnel.

Section 500 - Students

This section contains statements concerning students - admissions, attendance, rights, responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health, residence, student records and welfare

Section 600 - Instruction

This section contains statements about the instructional program including student activities, adult education, and class-size guidelines and staff assignments.

Section 700 - Support Services and Facilities

This section contains statements about non-instructional services such as food service, transportation, use of facilities including emergency and safety procedures.

Section 800 - Community Relations

This section contains statements on relations with the general public and community agencies, including other educational agencies and groups.

Section 900 - Administration of Federal Grant Funds

Policy Work on Student Safety