Twice a month, the District leadership team meets with the Administrative Council. The full Council includes the District leadership team, building Principals, Assistant Principals, Director of Physical Education and Sport, and Director of Transportation.


Kathleen Murphy


Kimberly Yarlott

Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

John Fabrizio

Assistant Superintendent - Student Services

Jack Dunn

Business Administrator

Matt Cashman

Director of Facilities

Michele Garon

Director of Human Resources

Mary Wilson

Curriculum Coordinator


Director of Technology

Karen Fischer-Anderson

Safety Compliance Officer

Fern Seiden

Director of Student/Staff Wellness

Ellen Desmond

Grants Manager

Quinci Worthey

DEIJ Director

Timothy Herbert

Principal - CHS

Kaileen Chilauskas

Assistant Principal - CHS

James Corkum

Assistant Principal - CHS

Graeme Crowther

Assistant Principal - CHS

Rebecca DelBarone

Assistant Principal - CHS

Michele Speckman

Director of Special Education - CHS

Anne Fowler

Principal - CRTC

Jay Richard

Principal - RMS

Shawn White

Assistant Principal - RMS

Kimberly Ezen

Assistant Principal - RMS

Synthia Liska

Director of Special Education - RMS

Anthony Blinn

Principal - ADS

Laura Landry

Assistant Principal - ADS

Michele Vance

Principal - BMS

Brittany Mahany

Assistant Principal - BMS

Susan Lauze

Principal - BGS

Katrina Mackey

Assistant Principal - BGS

Kristen Gallo

Principal - CMS

Lindsay Nye

Assistant Principal - CMS

Katie Scarpati

Principal - MBS

Michael McLeod

Assistant Principal - MBS

Steve Mello

Director of Health, Physical Education & Sports

Terry Crotty

Director of Transportation