If you would like to volunteer in your student’s classroom or on field trips, please complete the Concord School District Volunteer Application and schedule a fingerprinting appointment with the state police, which can be done one of two ways:

  1. Call the state police at 603-223-3867 to schedule an appointment, or
  2. Schedule online here: https://services.dos.nh.gov/chri/cpo/

Please note: if you schedule online you will be required to pay the $21.25 fee at the time of your appointment. We will reimburse, but please save your receipt and email appointment confirmation.

After you have been fingerprinted, please call Sarah LeMay at Central Office at 603-225-0811 to make an appointment with Human Resources to complete your volunteer paperwork. Please bring your fingerprint form, completed volunteer application, and driver’s license to your appointment. Upon receipt of all documents, we will contact the school to let them know you are eligible to volunteer.

All of these steps are REQUIRED and must be completed before you will be permitted to volunteer.

Please contact Sarah LeMay at 603-225-0811 with any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!