Participate in a Focus Group!

UPDATE 01/29/22: thank you for your interest! Parent focus groups were held between January 27 and February 2, 2022. All parent volunteers were invited to take part in a focus group.

Strategic Planning: 2021-2022

Early this fall the School Board expressed their desire to develop a 3–5-year strategic plan for the district. In creating the plan, they wanted the stakeholders in the Concord community to have a voice in the direction the district would take to provide an excellent learning experience for all of the students. The board believes that the plan will be a roadmap for future initiatives and drive important decisions that are made annually.

In developing the framework for the plan, it is crucial that students, staff, families, and community have an opportunity to engage in the process. All stakeholders will receive an online survey in January. Additionally, the district secured a facilitator to lead 16 focus groups representing the various stakeholders in the district. The goal is to have folks engaged who represent early learners, Elementary, Middle and High School as well as those who are our staff and community partners. To do this, we will be seeking volunteers to attend a focus session (about 90 minutes) that will be held online.

The focus groups are limited to 12-15 participants each. Depending on interest, we may not be able to assign everyone to a focus group. In addition to the focus groups, the district will send out a survey to capture additional comments and suggestions as the district prepares to support our students.

To facilitate the process, the district has secured the services of Ms. Nancy Gustafson, a consultant from the New England School Development Council.

We look forward to working with you on this project, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Steering Committee

The strategic planning process is led by our Steering Committee:

  • Brenda Hastings (Board)

  • Bob Cotton (Board)

  • Kathleen Murphy (Superintendent)

  • Pam McLeod (Director of Technology)

  • Katie Scarpati (Principal, MBS)

  • Mary Wilson (Interim Director of Curriculum)

  • John Fabrizio (Director of Student Services)