1000 Trees Project

We are asking you to join us in finding a solution to an important problem in our community.

In the past 20 years, Concord has lost almost 20% of its trees due to development and changing landscape.  Trees are vital to a thriving community. They provide shade and habitat for pollinators; they capture carbon; and they make our city more beautiful.  We are determined to help replace Concord’s lost trees through the 1,000 Tree Project.

Our contribution to that goal is to plant a tree on our CHS campus and surround it with a pollinator habitat.  This project - including the tree and plants from a local nursery, soil,  and other materials - will cost an estimated $1000.

To pay for this project, which we hope to expand in the future, we are looking for donations from local businesses and community organizations. We already have support from the District and the Subcommittee, which has agreed to match whatever funds we can raise.

This student-led project will provide an opportunity for community service at the school.  In coordination with the UNH Master Gardeners program, student volunteers will dig the holes,  prepare the soil, and ensure that the plantings are properly watered in the subsequent weeks.

We are excited for the opportunity for students to strengthen and inspire our shared community. Those wishing to donate can do so by May 16*.* Please make a check out to the Concord School District and put “Project #22918” and/or “1,000 Tree Project” in the memo line. Donations can be mailed to the SAU office, 38 Liberty Street, Concord, NH 03301.
We truly appreciate any financial support you can provide to our project and will be happy to publicly recognize your contribution.