Interim Superintendent

Interim Superintendent Frank Bass

Franklyn G. Bass, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Franklyn G. Bass earned his Ph.D. in 1991 from Boston College in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in curriculum and instruction. He earned his M.A. in English Literature from Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT and his B.A. in English from the University of New Hampshire.

Since 2017, Dr. Bass has been an adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). He was the Superintendent of Schools at SAU 70, Hanover, NH & Norwich, Vermont from 2011 – 2017; the Superintendent of Schools at SAU 28, Pelham & Windham, NH from 2007 – 2011; the  Assistant Superintendent at SAU 37 (Middle & Secondary Schools) in Manchester, NH from 2002 – 2007; the Principal of Hollis Brookline High School in Hollis, NH from 1996 – 2002; the Dean of Academic Affairs at Westford Academy in Westford, MA from 1993 – 1996; the Schoolwide Enrichment Coordinator at Timberlane Regional High School from 1987 – 1993.

In addition, Dr. Bass has been an adjunct professor at the College for Life-long Learning at the University System of NH, the Director of Seminars for Advanced High School Students at UNH, Coordinator of G/T Programs at Merrimack High School and middle school in Merrimack, and an English Teacher at Memorial High School in Manchester.

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November 2019
Dear Parents, Staff, and Community:

I have been so pleased and impressed by what I’ve seen and heard during my first few days here as your Superintendent. Clearly, there is much to be proud of in Concord School District! The dedication, professionalism and camaraderie of both staff and administration are truly heartening; a resolute spirit of pride and determination in making our schools the best they can be. An ethos of care and consideration pervades our buildings from Mill Brook to CHS and all in between, and despite all that has occurred these past few months, our staff remains wedded to the promise of a bright future where opportunity, inquiry-based exploration and the limitless boundaries of the creative imagination are just a “connection” away from every child who walks through our doors. It is now incumbent on me to coalesce that energy and spirit into a focused redoubling of our efforts to engage with and challenge our student body to reach new heights, while at the same time restoring their faith and trust in our schools; and, after what I’ve seen touring our schools and meeting with faculty and students, Concord School District has much to be proud of!

Visibility, consistency and a clarion call for unfettered communication will be the watchwords during my stay as your Superintendent. Fear of reprisal and retaliation, loss of respect and admiration and the crestfallen, dispirited feeling of betrayal unfortunately has left many students, staff and parents wondering “How can this be happening in our school, in our community?” Resolution and the healing process will take some time. All of us need to better understand what happened, and how we can prevent such a calamity from ever happening again.

However, there are privacy rights and legal protections that must be adhered to while we investigate the matter more thoroughly. Moreover, we need to be mindful of the broad sweep that so many unwittingly became entangled in due to lapses in leadership and accountability. The guile of deception and misinformation at multiple levels by the perpetrator only confounded and clouded this tragedy all the more.

I plan to address some of these concerns at the next Board meeting, and I will be also meeting privately with the Board to discuss next steps. Again, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our students, and to that end, we must take every precaution that safeguards the trust and responsibility you have placed with us here in Concord public schools.

Thank you for last night! It was a wonderful introduction to the Concord community and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet you all. It was most heartening to see the pride and investment you have in our schools – staff and families alike. I appreciate your support and encouragement and will do my best to secure the sound footing for educational excellence the Concord community has come to expect. These next few months will find me out and about in the schools looking for ways to galvanize that spirit of unbridled energy and enthusiasm that so pervades our staff and student body.

But one person cannot do it alone; only together as a school and community coalesced around a common purpose and vision can we accomplish all that needs to be done. To that end, I eagerly look forward to working with you in “this place called school” in trust that a bright horizon remains just a daybreak away … and with your help, surely it will come to be! Please feel free to contact me; it would be my pleasure to meet and talk with you.

Dr. Frank Bass

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