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Teacher in front of classThe Concord School District currently provides English Language Learner (ELL) services in our five elementary schools including Abbot-Downing,Beaver Meadow, Broken Ground, Christa McAuliffe, and Mill Brook, one middle school, Rundlett Middle School, and one high school, Concord High School. There are magnet classrooms, at all levels, for students whose low English proficiency impedes them from being successful in the mainstream classes. English language development and core content instruction are provided in these classrooms. The ELL teacher is Highly Qualified in the content area, as well as in ELL.

If you believe your child is eligible for English Language Learner (ELL) services, at the elementary school level please contact Jacqueline DeLorie or Ellen Kenny at Broken Ground School at (603) 225-0855. If your child is at the middle school level, please contact Anne Mills at Rundlett Middle School at (603) 225-0862. If your child is at the high school level, please contact Gordana Varagic at Concord High School at (603) 225-0800.

The goal of the English Language Learner Program is to provide students who qualify for the program’s services to acquire proficiency in English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and written language.  As students acquire English proficiency, the ELL students transition out of the program so that they can successfully compete academically with their same grade peers in the mainstream classroom without ELL support.Following the attainment on ACCESS Testing of an Overall Score of 4.5, with no subtest score below 4.0 on the ACCESS for ELLs, an ELL student is fully mainstreamed, without ELL support. This ELL student is then monitored for a two-year period prior to being exited from the ELL Program.

The five elementary schools of Abbot-Downing, Beaver Meadow, Broken Ground, Christa McAuliffe, and Mill Brook provide ELL programming. The ELL programming consists of pull-out and/or push-in ELL services in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and written language for students who can succeed in the mainstream classroom with additional ELL support. For push-in ELL instruction, the ELL provides English language instruction in the mainstream classroom.

ClassroomAt Rundlett Middle School, there is push-in support in language arts,science, social studies, and math (English language learners with ACCESS scores lower than level three in 6th grade attend a magnet math class). Sixth grade students with ACCESS scores less than three receive 2-1/2 hours of pull-out direct instruction as well as 15 hours of in-class support. Seventh and eighth graders with an overall ACCESS score lower than three receive 5 hours of direct instruction as well as15-20 hours of in-class support. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who are level three or higher receive 3-5 hours of direct instruction.

At the high school, there are magnet language arts, social studies,science, and mathematics classes for grades 9-12. These classes meet for two 90-minute blocks and one 45-minute period per week. Non-English Development ELLs with an overall ACCESS score lower than 3 meet for four90-minute blocks and two 45-minute periods per week. These ELL students also receive 3-5 hours of support.

From the elementary schools thru middle school to high school, all of the schools provide pull-out and/or push-in ELL services for students who can succeed in the mainstream classroom with additional ELL support. For push-in instruction, the ELL teacher provides English language instruction in the mainstream classroom for one or more periods per week, and may also use instructional materials and learning tasks from academic content areas to reinforce academic content, cognitive and study skills. The pullout ELL instruction consists of a small group of same age/content students withdrawn from their regular classrooms, or study halls in the high school, for one or more periods a week for ELL support.diploma

Our Concord High School ELL students have successfully acquired English, a standard high school diploma and have entered adulthood with consistently obtaining employment. Many students are participating in post-secondary education. Our ELL students become an active, engaged, and contributing citizen.

Methods of instruction in every facet of Concord School diverse classroomDistrict’s ELL Program are research based and are taught by Highly Qualified certified ELL teachers. Instructional materials and instructional programs used in the Concord School District vary. At the elementary level, Rigby Leveled Readers, Houghton Mifflin Leveled Readers, National Geographic Concept Books, and University of Chicago Everyday Math Program are used. The educational software used is Rosetta Stone. Examples of the materials used at Rundlett Middle School are as follows: Wilson Reading Program,Perfection Learning for Math and Reading, McDougal Littell for eighth grade math, Prentice Hall for seventh grade math, Everyday Math for sixth grade and various chapter books for Language Arts. At the secondary level, Pearson Longman materials, Shining Star series textbooks, Reason to Write, Oxford Press, various chapter books, and Wilson System materials are used.

At Concord High School, ELL programming provides supplemental tutoring for daily pull-out support in the resource room. This support is overseen by two certified ELL teachers and is provided by ELL tutors.ELL teachers also provide professional development through ELL teachers’ sharing best practices in the instruction of ELL students, attendance at New Hampshire Department of Education trainings include WIDA trainings as well as regional conferences. The ELL teachers and/or tutors share the information learned at the school-based sessions and conferences with general education mainstream teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators in their school buildings.

ELL students are also eligible for Title I services which provides supplementary education in the areas of reading and/or mathematics in our Title I schools including: Abbot Downing School, Beaver Meadow School, Broken Ground School, Christa McAuliffe School, Mill Brook School and Rundlett Middle School. If parents and/or legal guardians have questions about their child’s eligibility for Title I services in the areas if reading and/or mathematics they should contact the school principal about their child’s Title I eligibility status.

ELL students may also be eligible for special education services if the student meets eligibility criteria as defined by the New Hampshire Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities. If a parent, legal guardian, and/or a concerned party suspects an ELL student demonstrates a disability and might be eligible for special education services, then the individual should put in writing, date and sign, a written request for a special education evaluation for the child. The written request for a special education evaluation for the child should be sent to the child’s school principal and special education coordinator. Upon written request for a special education evaluation for the child, the parent/sand legal guardian will be contacted to further discuss the special education evaluation process for the child.

Each Concord School District School has a coordinator for EL programming and services:

 Name  School  Telephone
Laura-Beth Ulwick Abbot Downing School (603) 225-0827
Leigh Child
Beaver Meadow School (603) 225-0854
Nancy Pender Broken Ground School (603) 225-0855
Carol McCarthy Christa McAuliffe School (603) 225-0840
Nancy Pender Mill Brook School (603) 225-0830
Kerry Finnegan
Rundlett Middle School (603) 225-0862
Timothy Herbert
Concord High School (603) 225-0800

If a parent, legal guardian, and/or a concerned party have a question about the Concord School District’s Title III, Title I, Special Education, Section 504, and/or Homeless processes, they are encouraged to contact Robert Belmont, Director of Student Services, at (603) 225-0811 Ext. 7004 or email rbelmont@sau8.org. If a parent, legal guardian, and/or concerned party have a formal Title III complaint, the Concord School District’s Title III complaint process is posted on our website.

Contact Information

 Bob Belmont
Telephone:  225-0811, ext. 7004
Email:  rbelmont@sau8.org
Address:  38 Liberty Street, Concord, NH 03301

Director of Student Services

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