Recommended Links



Color On-line!
A great website for introducing really young kids to technology. It has summer, autumn, and winter scenes the kids can color with simple mouse clicks.

Lesson Plans Page
A wealth of lesson plans on a large variety of science topics.


At this site, you can learn about different bee species and their hives and lifecycles, discover which plants will attract them to your garden, or find out about conservation issues.

Bird Basics
Great information that ranges from types of birds, bird skeletons, and how to be a citizen scientist to help wild birds.

All About Birds
Cornell's ornithology department has made an on line 'bird book' with great information about all kinds of birds!

Schoolyard Birds
If your kids enjoyed Backyard Birds at White Farm, why not have them look for evidence of birds right outside your school?

Feather Identification
A tool to help identify 60 birds from their tail feathers.


4-H Virtual Forest
For those of you studying trees, or just looking for a fun site you might be able to connect to habitats.

Fun beaver facts for kids.

Make your own rockets
This very simple activity allows kids to make their own rockets that use alka-seltzer to really blast off!


NDT Lesson on Magnetism
A virtual lesson that covers the scope of magnetism. A great refresher for those of us that are not physicists!

Force and Motion Experiments
A few experiments to try that explore friction, balance and other forces. 


Concord School District Hawk Count
This website contains the data of the hawks observed and identified by the Concord fourth grade classes. 

NH Audubon
Keep track of Birds of Prey counts and other Audubon events all year!

All About Birds
Cornell's ornithology department has made an on line 'bird book' with great information about all kinds of birds!

The Owl Pages
Just what it sounds like :)

The Peregrine Fund
Offers information not just about Peregrine Falcons but other birds of prey as well. You can test your knowledge of raptors with a general quiz. 

Build a Volcano 
It's not a geology lesson without a volcanic eruption. Simple instructions to make a volcano in your classroom.

Rocks and Minerals 
Discussions of what rocks and minerals are, as well as how minerals are used in our everyday life.

NDT Sound Lesson 
A virtual lesson with lots of great background information on sound. Discussion information gets more technical but it is a great resource for students and teachers alike!

NDT Lesson on Electricity 
A virtual lesson complete with concrete examples, discussion questions and clear explanations. 

Energy Hogs 
Information about what takes up the most energy in your home and fun games to beat the "energy hogs."

Renewable Energy for Kids All about renewable energy sources. Great source!

Human Anatomy On-line 
This site separates the different systems and has great not gross images. Although be warned... there is also the reproductive systems so you may want to direct students to specific parts of the site.


Food Chain 
A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. There are games about food chains, decomposers, and photosynthesis.

Biocubes- Exploring Biodiversity  
A biocube is a fun, informative, and manageable way of exploring the biodiversity in the world around you by focusing on a cubic foot of space. By looking closely and documenting the life in a small area, one can get a better understanding of how different ecosystems are structured and how they function.

Northern Lights
This site explains what causes the Northern Lights and when and where are the best places and times to watch them. 

Space Games
Online games for students, ranging from Solar System Flashcards to Phases of the Moon. The site also offers standards, curriculum, and a science glossary.


Calculating your Ecological Footprint
This site allows you to calculate your ecological footprint depending on factors including where you live, what you eat, and how you get to school. It gets students thinking about how to reduce their ecological footprint.  

Identifying Animal Tracks 
A guide to help identify the 36 most common animal tracks in North America. Remember stride and straddle? 


How Stuff Works
A great collection of articles for older students and teachers alike to find the answers to almost any question imaginable.

Here's How You Can Help!
Plastic is a growing problem around the world. Here's how you can help!

Science Vocabulary Hangman
An online interactive game that uses science words in the traditional hangman game. It also offers some great teacher resources and ideas on how to integrate science and literacy.

The Great Turtle Race
A site with information about leatherback turtles and sea turtles including life cycle, threats to their populations, and other fun facts about sea turtles.


Next Generation Science Standards
Explore the standards that Concord School District's science program is teaching towards.

Lesson Plans for Teachers
Primarily a site for teacher certification, it also offers lessons plans developed by teachers and organized by grade and/or subject matter.  

Learning and Teaching about the Environment
This site gives a multi-disciplinary approach to learning about environmental issues that enhances knowledge, builds critical thinking skills and helps students make informed and responsible decisions.

Eisenhower National Clearing House
A K-12 Math & Science teacher center dealing with professional development, unit ideas, curriculum resources, and more.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
Dozens of federal agencies have come together to organize resources and activities for teachers. Resources are organized by topic. This link is to the science topics, but there are also resources for art/music, health/physical ed., history/social studies, math and language arts.

Lesson Planz
Lots of simple activities for all subjects, and a particularly good variety for elementary science.

National Atlas
Looking for maps to help illustrate your lessons? The National Atlas of the United States website allows you to create maps and illustrate them with various "layers" of data from various categories.

NOAA Education
offers information and resources that can be used in the classroom, organized by topic. For background information visit the "Primarily for Teachers" section. For directions and fun activities that students can do visit the "Primarily for Students" section (K-5 activities will be listed under the blue headings).

Online Data Collection from Council of State Science Supervisors
Great online data collection activities for a variety of age groups.

Physics Songs
This unique website has literally hundreds of songs about physics, ranging from elementary to college level. Almost all of them are free downloads with printable lyrics. A great way to help your kids remember concepts and terms!

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