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The Concord School District has over 1 million square feet of buildings, which sit on 180 acres of land. Our staff includes: Matt Cashman, Director of Facilities and Planning, Denise Stevens, Administrative Assistant, and a team of over 50 qualified maintenance specialist and custodial personnel. Our goal is to keep all our buildings at the highest levels of operation, maintenance, safety and cleanliness for all students and staff. In response to COVID 19, our crew takes extra steps to clean and disinfect all areas of our school buildings.

We always seek new ways to keep our schools clean. We have streamlined our “green cleaning” chemicals to a small variety of cleaners, disinfectant sprays, and other chemicals. We have a vendor managed inventory, allowing us to keep smaller, more manageable inventory levels. The smaller on hand quantities allow us to free up valuable storage space. This move has also reduced our waste. Annually, we stay current with cleaning equipment, and practices allowing our custodial staff to utilize the newest technology and best practices. We have Safety Data Sheets for all our cleaning products located on our web site, as well as hard copies in each of our schools.

In the summer of 2020, we completed numerous upgrades in our schools to include flooring, exterior and interior painting, plexiglass surrounds for office admin spaces, LED lighting replacement at 3 elementary schools and roof repairs. Ongoing work through 2020 and 2021 will include replacement of all rubber staircases in CHS, replacement of all hallways at Broken Ground School, and site work at Central Office. All facilities staff continue to practice the proper use of all PPE while working inside and outside our buildings. The custodial staff worked through the Stay at Home order during the spring 2020 COVID crisis, working exceptionally hard preparing and keeping our schools clean and disinfected. In late summer, Concord School District hired The Lawson Group to conduct an indoor air quality study. Results showed a healthy air quality in all of our schools. For complete details, click here.

School original construction dates, fuel source, acreage and square footage:

Abbot-Downing School
 10 73,446
 152 South St.
 2012  Natural Gas
Generator: Diesel 400 gal 180 kw

2 Viesmann Boilers
 Beaver Meadow School
 12.39  66,000 40 Sewalls Falls Rd.
1986, 1993
 Natural Gas
2 Laars Gas Boilers
 Broken Ground
 37.7 64.000
51 S. Curtisville Rd.
 1973, 1988
 Natural Gas
3 Hydro Therm Gas Boilers
 Christa McAuliffe School
 2.8 71,485
17 N. Spring St.
Natural Gas
Generator: Diesel 400 gal 180kw

2 Viesmann Boilers
Mill Brook School   64,580
53 S. Curtisville Rd.  2012  Natural Gas
Generator: Diesel 400 gal 180 kw

3 Hydro Therm Gas Boilers
 Rundlett Middle
 11.15 186,000
 144 South St.
 1957, 1967, 1988. 1990
 Natural Gas
2 Camus Boilers
 6.91 535,400
170 Warren St.
Natural Gas
Generator: Diesel 700 gal

6 Clear Fire Cleaner Brooks Boilers
 Dewey (SAU)
 1.05 14,870
38 Liberty St.
1890, 1956-58, 2014
Natural Gas
1 Burnham Natural Gas Boiler
 Eastman  4.6 16,500
15 Shawmut St.
1935, 1958
Natural Gas
1 Smith Gas Boiler
 White Farm (main)
 27.4 1,200
148 Clinton St.
Natural Gas
1 HTP Elite Gas Boiler
 White Farm (house)
 2.27 1,200
150 Clinton St.  1920  Natural Gas
1 HTP Elite Gas Boiler
 White Farm (cottage)
 2  1,200    1930  Oil Smith Boiler
 Maintenance Building
   1,280 55 S. Curtisville Rd.  2012  Propane  
 11 Curtisville
 1,400  11 Curtisville Rd.
 1960  Oil Boiler Removed
 TOTALS  177.35  1,098,561        

Did you know that our facilities can be rented out to the general public for special events, gatherings and meetings? Please feel free to contact Matt Cashman for information regarding reservations and cost. Mr. Cashman can be reached at 603-225-0847.

Our Custodians
Abbot-Downing School   Beaver Meadow School
  Travis Campbell
Garrett Rainie
Head Custodian
  Travis Campbell
Head Custodian

Broken Ground School   Christa McAuliffe School
Scott Wyatt   Wayne Roark
Scott Wyatt
Head Custodian

Wayne Roark
Head Custodian

Mill Brook School
Phil Feudner
Phil Feudner
Head Custodian

Rundlett Middle School
  Concord High School
Missing Image
  Dan Gontarz
Robert Hearne
Head Custodian

  Dan Gontarz
Head Custodian

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