Co-Curricular Expectations

[Taken directly from the CHS Parent Student Handbook]

The mission of the Concord School District is to enable every student to acquire and demonstrate skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to be a responsible world citizen committed to personal, family, and community well-being.
  1. The co-curricular program at Concord High School includes the following:
    1. All interscholastic athletic teams
    2. The performing arts program (non-credit bearing)
    3. Student government and the Senate
    4. All clubs

  2. The following set of co-curricular expectations is designed to:
    1. Uphold the educational value of programs where each individual contributes to the whole for the success of the group/team.
    2. Ensure students perform at peak levels, developing self and group/team discipline.
    3. Prepare students for real life (e.g., living within the law and contributing to their community).
    4. Reflect our school’s high standards.
    5. Ensure that students participating in co-curricular programs serve as good representatives of our school district and demonstrate appropriate representation through their character, sportsmanship, team work, mutual respect and trust.

  3. Additional activity-specific expectations:
    1. Each co-curricular program may have additional expectations that are added to this document as an addendum. These Co-Curricular Expectations and attachments are in force from the first day that the program begins (first practice, meeting, rehearsal, tryout, audition) through the conclusion of the season/program or the awards program (if applicable), whichever comes last.

  4. Co-Curricular Advisor’s Roles
    1. Teaching, advising, and coaching students to meet the co-curricular expectations listed above.

  5. Behavioral Expectations:
    1. Students who participate in Concord High School co-curricular programs are expected to adhere to high standards, physically and socially.
    2. The following behaviors constitute violations of these expectations:
      1. Illegal use or possession of tobacco in any form
      2. Illegal use or possession of alcoholic beverages
      3. Illegal use or possession of drugs and/or mood-altering substances
      4. Gambling on any Concord High School events
      5. Vandalism
      6. Stealing
      7. Bullying and/or harassing others
      8. Being convicted of misdemeanors or felonies
      9. Gross misconduct including, but not limited to: assault on an advisor/coach, judge/official, participant/opponent or spectator; leaving an activity in anger during the activity or interrupting the flow of the activity with inappropriate behavior and/or obscene language; demonstrating dishonesty in connection with the co-curricular program; directing threats and/or gestures at the advisors/coaches, judges/officials and/or spectators.
      10. Hazing and team/activity initiations involving hazing. Concord High School interprets hazing as “any act whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, or intimidate him/her, or which may in any fashion compromise his/her inherent dignity as a person. In addition, any requirement by a member of an organization which compels another member to participate in an activity that is against school policy or state/federal law will be defined as hazing.”
    3. Students who need confidential assistance or support concerning any of the behaviors listed above may contact their school counselor and/or the Student Assistance Program counselor.

  6. Violations of Behavior Expectations will result in the following:
    1. First Violation: For the longer of 14 calendar days or the period of time necessary to meet the following conditions, the student’s participation in his/her co-curricular program will be limited as described in the following conditions:
      1. the student cannot participate in games, scrimmages, competitions, performances, votes, etc. in the co-curricular program
      2. the student must practice and/or attend meetings
      3. the student must attend a meeting with his/her parent and the school counselor to cooperatively develop a plan to determine the extent to which this behavior is problematic
      4. the student must complete no less than 10 hours of community service. The director of physical education and sport and the assistant principal responsible for co-curricular programs must approve the community service proposed and confirm that the four conditions have been met. There are certain clubs with stricter violation protocols (per approval from administration); student must be notified of those protocols at the beginning of their involvement in the club.
    2. Second Violation (within the same school year): The student will be suspended from participating in all co-curricular programs for the longer of 60 calendar days within the school year or such time period as is needed to regain eligibility to participate in co-curricular programs by presenting, receiving approval of, and completing a remediation plan. The Co- Curricular Review Committee (definition in Section VII) must approve this plan.
    3. Third Violation (during the course of the student’s career at Concord High School): The student is suspended from participating in all co-curricular programs for the remainder of the school year. Students who participate in Concord High School co- curricular activities are expected not to attend gatherings at which alcohol or drugs are being illegally consumed. If Concord High School officials receive information from the police or another reliable source that a student has attended such a gathering, the student and his/her parent or legal guardian will meet with a counselor to review the health, safety, legal, and social risks associated with under-age drinking and illegal drug use. During the meeting, the student and his/her parent or legal guardian will work cooperatively to determine any appropriate follow up to the meeting.

  7. Academic and School Attendance Expectations
    1. Academic Performance: Students who wish to participate in Concord High School co- curricular programs must be scheduled for at least five academic courses each semester. To be eligible for a Concord High School co-curricular program, a student must have passed a minimum of four units of work at the end of the previous marking period (quarter grade) and achieve grades of at least 70 in three of these. Eligibility status is determined on the day that grades are finalized. An incomplete is not considered a passing grade for purposes of eligibility. Except for Interscholastic Athletics (NHIAA rule prohibits), students may use summer school to improve a failing fourth quarter grade to a passing one to be eligible for a co-curricular program the first quarter of the next school year. All students may use summer school to improve a passing fourth quarter grade to 70 or above to be eligible for any co-curricular program for the first quarter of the next school year.
    2. School Attendance: Students who participate in Concord High School co-curricular activities are expected to attend school on the day of a meeting, practice, contest, or performance. Any student who does not attend school by his/her first scheduled class for reasons of sickness or truancy will not be eligible to participate in any scheduled meeting, practice, contest, or performance on the date. If the violation becomes known later, it will be enforced at the next meeting, practice, contest or performance following the disclosure. Repeated violations would be considered gross misconduct (BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS). The director of physical education and sport or the assistant principal responsible for co-curricular programs may grant exceptions to this expectation for extenuating circumstances.
    3. School Suspension/In-School Suspension: Any student suspended from school or issued an in-school suspension assignment will not be able to participate in or attend any co-curricular program, game, performance, practice, and/or meeting on the day of the suspension or in-school suspension assignment.
  8. Appeal Process
    1. A student and/or his/her parents/legal guardians may appeal to the principal only a limitation on extracurricular program participation resulting from a First Violation of 14 calendar days under Section I or any consequence imposed under Section II.
    2. A student and/or his/her parents/legal guardians may appeal a suspension resulting from a subsequent violation under Section I to the principal, the superintendent, and the school board, in this order.

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