Human Resources / Payroll

Welcome to Concord School District's
Human Resources Department

The files and forms in this area are for the use of Concord School District employees.

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Contact Information

Prince, Larry

 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7051

 Director of Human Resources

  Kunz, Betsy
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7054

 Human Resources Manager

  Fishwick, Joyce
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7055

 Administrative Assistant  -
 Human Resources

  Witherspoon, Melissa
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7056

 Administrative Assistant - Benefits

  Yanski, Amy
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7057

 Administrative Assistant -
 Human Resources

   Converse, Deb
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7061

 Payroll Manager

  Pelletier, Rachelle
 Business:  225-0811, ext. 7057

 Administrative Assistant -  Payroll